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American Lion Archaeohippus Horse Tooth Columbia Mammoth Gomphothere Tooth Megalodon Shark

What Treasures can be found here? No one place can give you so many facts, photos, and information about Florida's ancient past. Want to see Prehistoric Mammals? See pictures of unique specimens found while collecting or hunting here.

Learn about Saber-Toothed cats or Saber Toothed Tigers. How about Mastodons and Mammoths? Information on Giant Woolly Mammoths, the Cave Bear, Cave Hyena, and the Cave Lion. Facts on Prehistoric Sea Creatures or Prehistoric Sea Monsters?

No Dinosaur bones are found here - Florida was underwater at the time they lived. But you can read about raptors, Spinosaurus, Tyrannosaurus and other Dinosaurs.

Learn about Megalodon Teeth or Prehistoric Shark Teeth. Carcharodon Megalodon Sharks could get as big as a bus. Check out the animals of the Pleistocene or Ice Age. Learn about the early Miocene. We have a wealth of information for identification purposes. There are many animals similar to the La Brea Tar Pits here. Florida has an area called "Bone Valley" that produces wonderful specimens. Learn about the Cenozoic of Florida! The state has many of the Prehistoric Animals of North America.

The list of Prehistoric Animals and Ice Age Mammals include the American Lion, Birds, Bear-Dog, Bison, Camel, Deer, Dire Wolf, Giant Capybara, Gomphothere, Giant Armadillo, Giant Beaver, Giant Short-Faced Bear, Glyptodont, Scimitar Cat, Giant Ground Sloth, Three-Toed Horse, Prehistoric Horses, Rhino, Giant Land Tortoise, Alligator, Crocodile, Agatized Coral, Tapir, Peccary, Manatee, Dugong, Dolphin, Porpoise, Turtle, Snake, Terror Bird, Fish, Prehistoric Sharks, and More!


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Agatized Coral Fossils with facts and pictures.
For millions of years ancient coral beds have been transformed to become Fossil Agatized Coral with spectacular colors and formations. One fossil coral species is Florida's State Stone.
Prehistoric Bear Fossils with facts, Pictures and Information.
Prehistoric Ice Age Bear fossils, fossil Bear found, and the fossil Bear record in Florida.
Fossil Birds and Avian information.
A list of Fossil Birds with information about each. Learn about the Prehistoric Birds of Florida!
Cat Fossils and Big Prehistoric Cat Facts & Photos.
Prehistoric Big Cat fossils, fossil Sabertooth Cat, and other large fossil Cats of Prehistoric Florida.
Dinosaur fossils, Facts, Pictures and Teeth
Dinosaur fossils found from around the world and available for sale. Dinosaur fossils to buy.
Fossil Fish Facts and Photos
Prehistoric Fossil Fish of Florida! There were many prehistoric fish and fossils from ancient deposits in Florida.
Prehistoric Horse Fossils with Facts, Photos and Pictures.
Prehistoric Horse fossils can be discovered all over Florida. Florida was an ancient home for many diffent types of horses.
Mammoth Mastodon Facts, Information and Pics.
Mammoth Mastodon information of these prehistoric animals.
Prehistoric Marine Mammal Fossils with Facts and Photos.
Prehistoric Marine Mammal Fossils from Florida. Florida had a numous prehistoric marine mammals over millions of years.
Megalodon Shark Teeth Fossils, Facts and Photos
Prehistoric Megalodon Shark Tooth fossils from Florida
Reptile Fossils Images and Information
Prehistoric Reptile Fossils of Florida and elsewhere!
Shark Fossils from Florida and around the World
Prehistoric Shark Fossils from Florida, North America, and other places around the world.
Prehistoric Ice Age Sloth Fossils with Facts and Pictures.
Prehistoric Giant Ground Sloth Fossils from the Ice Age of Florida. Many types and sizes of Giant Ground Sloth roamed ancient Florida.
Prehistoric Mammals with Fossil Information, Pictures, and facts
Prehistoric Mammals with fossil information about each. See Prehistoric Animals of Florida!
Prehistoric Mammals 2, Florida Fossil Facts and Photos
Prehistoric Mammals from the Fossil Record of Florida!
Florida Fossil Clubs
Florida Fossil Clubs and Paleontology Clubs in Florida.
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About Us at Fossil Treasures of Florida. Learn about us and why we set up this website.
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Fossils for Sale 1 - Buy fossils online
Fossils for Sale from Prehistoric Florida and around the World
Fossils for Sale 2 - Buy fossils online
Buy Fossils for Sale from Ancient Florida and the Prehistoric World. These high quality fossil specimens that are for sale.
Fossils for Sale 3 - Buy fossils online
Florida Fossils for Sale from the Pleistocene Period and older
Fossils for Sale 4 - Buy Fossils online
Florida fossils for Sale from the Ice Age of Florida and even older
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