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Fossil-Treasures-of-Florida-Newsletter, Issue #0011 -- Five Florida Fossil Books You Should Own
November 03, 2011

Fossil Newsletter, Issue #0011 - Five Florida Fossil Books

November 03, 2011

In this Issue:

* Turtle, Turtle, Turtle!
* The Five Florida Fossil Books You Should Own
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Turtle, Turtle, Turtle!

Why is there so much fossil turtle material found?

If you hunt fossils for very long, you will discover that you can run into a lot of fossil turtle shells; at least in vertebrate sites. While it is very exciting to find fossils, it can and does get a bit monotonous to find pieces of so many fossil turtle shells.

The 3 big reasons you find so much fossil Turtle Shells are these:

1. There were and still are a lot of turtles.
2. The hard turtle shell has a better chance of fossilizing than a lot of     other fossils do.
3. The environments that turtles live in, lend themselves to rapid sediment     deposits and thus increase their chances for fossilization.

If you take the time to learn about your fossil turtles, you will find out just how many types of turtles there where and all of the different shapes and sizes of fossil turtle shells that can be found.

Five Florida Fossil Books You Should Own

Nothing can prepare you for the fossil hunt or inspire you more than a great Florida Fossil Book! To infuse the knowledge of those who have “been there, done that”, is a powerful tool. I refer back to these books a number of times, myself, to glean certain information and help identify certain finds. We are lucky that a number of books have been written on the subject. The reason for this, I suspect, is because Florida has a wealth of fossil heritage.

These are my recommendations of Florida Fossil Books, as of the date of this newsletter:

1. Florida’s Fossils –Guide to Location, Identification and Enjoyment     -Robin C. Brown. 1988.

2. Fossiling in Florida –A Guide for Diggers and Divers -Mark Renz.     1999.

3. Fossil Diving –In Florida’s Waters or any other waters containing     Prehistoric Treasures -Robert W. Sinibaldi, PhD. 1998.

4. Vertebrate Fossils: A Neophyte’s Guide -Frank A. Kocsis Jr. 1997.

5. The Fossil Vertebrates of Florida -Edited by Richard C. Hulbert, Jr.     2001.

These books are about Florida Fossil Hunting, with a slant towards vertebrate fossils, which Florida has so many of. There, of course, are many other excellent books and papers that have been written about Florida Fossils: There are a number of books on the numerous fossil shells that come out of the Florida Shell Pits. There are books on fossil shark teeth and numerous professional papers written out of the University of Florida.

The first two books (above) are great introduction books to Fossils in Florida. The third is a wonderful introduction to Fossil Diving. The fourth is a basic picture book to help identify your finds (it may be out of print). The last book is the absolute final word for an overview of Fossil Vertebrates of Florida and is definitely written for the serious hunter as well as the academic.

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