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Fossil-Treasures-of-Florida-Newsletter, Issue #0012 -- Fossil Reproductions VS the Real Thing
December 01, 2011

Fossil Newsletter, Issue #0012 - Fossil Reproductions VS the Real Thing

December 01, 2011

In this Issue:

* Fossils in the Mind’s Eye
* Fossil Reproductions VS the Real Thing
* Cave Paintings Showed True Colors of Stone Age Horses
* What's New at

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Fossils in the Mind’s Eye

Looking for the shape of things can help you find fossils. If you get the picture of something in your head, or in your subconscious, it will jump out at you when you are fossil hunting. You usually find what you’re looking for, and in reverse, you usually don’t find what you’re not looking for. If your mind works in visual pictures, as mine does, looking at the things you want to find helps.

The first time that I fossil hunted in the badlands in Nebraska; I first stopped at a small local museum to get a feel for what could be found there. This was a good 5 years or more before the internet took off, so it was hard to find pictures of fossils. They were only in rare or obscure books. Besides getting pumped-up for the hunt, that couple of hours in this small museum paid big returns when I got out into the field. I have no doubt that I discovered fossil material I would have, otherwise, overlooked.

In fact, you know you’re having a great fossil hunt when, at night, you dream about all of the fossil images you have from hunting in the field that day. So prepare your mind and you will prepare for a great fossil hunting day!

Fossil Reproductions VS the Real Thing

It is always fantastic to have the ‘Real Deal’, but a great number of people think complete fossil skeletons, fossil jaws, or skulls are just lying around to be discovered. (It does help to think that when fossil hunting, at least at first, until that fantasy fades). The reality is that complete vertebrate fossils or partial skeletons, skulls, etc. are very difficult to find, if not almost impossible.

That is why fossil reproductions are worth taking a look at. Some ‘fossil purest’ say they want to find it all themselves – good luck with that. You will probably not live long enough to make all those finds; although, you might make a few really nice ones in your lifetime.

Reproductions can complete a well rounded collection. Representations of fossils found in a certain geographic area can be used as references for fossil teeth and bone comparisons. Trying to own the ‘Real Thing’ can be expensive, unless maybe you found it yourself. And of course, it maybe so rare, you won’t ever find one – even for sale.

Don’t get me wrong, they don’t give away the reproductions, either. High Quality Reproductions cost good money. A reproduction of a Saber-Tooth Cat Skull like Smilodon may run you $350 to $400. A lot of people think it’s a real fossil for that price. The reality is, IF you could get the real Smilodon Saber-Tooth Cat Skull, it would be hundreds of thousands of dollars. It might auction for $500,000. Suddenly, a $400 reproduction sounds pretty good.

Cave Paintings Showed True Colors of Stone Age Horses

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