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What’s this website about?

About Us, and this site has the interest of the Fossil Collector at heart. We can help you grow your collection whether you are a newcomer or a seasoned collector. Most people have no idea how long it takes to put a descent fossil collection together. Do you know how rare some fossils are and how common others are? Do you have a desire to learn and acquire new fossils? This site may help you identify fossils you have already found.

Florida is one of the most fossil-rich states east of the Mississippi river, especially in Pleistocene and Miocene Vertebrate fossils. I hope to share my experiences, knowledge, and passion for discoveries in natural history with you. You may, also, see the aesthetic value of fossils and the diverse fossil treasures of Florida.

Fossil teeth and fossil jaws, with teeth, are common place on this site. Sometimes referred to as “the business side of the animal” – teeth are one of the best indicators of what type of fossil animal you’re dealing with. A number of these fossils I have discovered myself, but a great many more have been acquired and traded for over the years.

Who am I?

With a natural curiosity to collect, I have been hunting for things all of my life. Nature and animals have always been a high priority with me. As a kid, back in the day, when a lack of things indoors kept one looking for stuff to do outdoors, I discovered fossils. After finishing school, I became serious as a collector and haven’t stopped since; some 25+ years later.

I have been hunting for fossils all over the United States.  Have hunted for many invertebrate and vertebrate fossils, but I am partial to vertebrate mammal fossils and know them best.

We set up at numerous fossil shows, every year, around the country where we deal and invest in new fossil specimens. Have given several talks, over the years, to school groups, fossil and mineral clubs and anyone who would stand to listen. Have helped to identify countless fossil discoveries.

Well, enough About Us. Thank you for visiting this website and hope we have peaked your curiosity and enthusiasm! See you next time.


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