Agatized Coral Geode Fossil

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Common Name:  Agatized Coral Fossil
Genus/Species:  (varied)
Age:                     38 to 25 Million Years old
Period:                Oligocene-Miocene
Formation:          Hawthorn Group
Location:             Suwannee River, Florida, USA

This is a First-Class high quality cut and polished Coral Fossil Geode that has been agatized. Terrific colors of agate with drusy. Millions of years of nature at work. These types of corals are highly sought after. This is a classic Suwannee River location fossil coral and is less common than other sites. Actual specimen pictured & guaranteed authentic & natural with no alterations of dye or heat treatment, etc.

Agatized Fossil Coral is Florida's state stone. The species of coral for the state stone is Montastrea. However, many types of coral species make-up this colorful coral.

They are found in ancient ocean beds, where silica rich groundwater has percolated through them and over time has replaced it's calcium carbonate skeleton with a hard variety of Chalcedony. This leaves the ornamental fossil with a sometimes banded stone look.

It is about 38-25 million years old and from the Oligocene-Miocene period. These fossils are found in a variety of colors- white, gray, brown, black, yellow and red. Different trace minerals in the agate create these colors.

Size:  4.17" W x 5.14" L x 1.69" Thickness

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