Alligator Olseni

Miocene Alligator

This Prehistoric Alligator, Alligator Olseni, is the most ancient member of the alligatoridae from Florida. It is from the early Miocene Period, about 18 Million Years ago.

Alligator olseni Jaw fossil
Miocene Alligator olseni Jaw fossil

It was described by Theodore E. White on March 24, 1942, in an article “A New Alligator from the Miocene of Florida”. Copeia. It was named after the preparator of the material; Mr. Russel Olsen. These early descriptions were given from the Thomas Farm Site that was discovered in 1931, in Gilchrist County, Florida.

Considered smaller in size than the modern Alligator mississippiensis species, it reached a maximum length of 7 to 8 feet (2.5M).

It has greater ornamentation on the skull, than mississippiensis species.

Alligator Olseni Scute fossil

There are about 12 species in the genus “Alligator”, in which, olseni is one.

It is considered to be the ancient ancestral species of the modern Alligator, mississippiensis species.

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