Alligator Scutes or Osteoderm Fossils

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Common Name:  2 Fossil Alligator Scutes
Genus/Species:  Alligator mississippiensis
Age:                     2.4 Million - 11,000 Years old
Period:                 Pleistocene
Formation:          Alachua
Location:             Taylor County, Florida, USA

These are a classic set of Fossil Alligator Scutes or Boney Osteoderms. This nice solid pair of chocolate colored armor plates or dermal scutes are from a Pleistocene Alligator. Actual Specimen Pictured & Guaranteed Authentic. These are a nice example of a prehistoric reptile from Florida.

What could represent Florida better than the American Alligator? The name "Alligator" comes from the Spanish form el lagarto (“the lizard”), which the Spanish explorers and settlers, in Florida, called the Alligator.

Alligators have a wider nose and darker color than the crocodile does. You can see the upper teeth when the Alligator's jaws are closed. You can see both the upper and lower teeth in a crocodiles mouth.

On average they weigh about 800 pounds and are about 13 feet in length. The largest ever recorded, in Florida, was 17'5" long.

Scute 1 Size:  1.66" W x 1.35" L x .66" Thickness
Scute 2 Size:  1.50" W x 1.39" L x .56" Thickness

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