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Alligator Vertebra Fossil
Fossil Alligator Vertebra
Back Side of Alligator Vertebra Fossil
Side view of Alligator Fossil Vertebra
Fossil Gator Vertebra
Gator Fossil Vertebra


Common Name:  Alligator Vertebra Fossil
Genus/Species:  Alligator mississippiensis
Age:  2.4 - 1 Million Years Old
Period:  Early Pleistocene
Location:  Charlotte County, Florida, USA

This is a outstanding American Alligator Fossil Vertebra. It is a gray-black colored back bone fossil from an early Pleistocene Alligator. Rock-Solid condition, very heavily mineralized.   Hard to discover these Alligator Fossil Vertebra with so much mineralization on them. This is a nice example of a prehistoric reptile from Florida.  Actual Specimen Pictured & Guaranteed Authentic.

What could represent Florida better than the American Alligator? The name "Alligator" comes from the Spanish form el lagarto (“the lizard”), which the Spanish explorers and settlers, in Florida, called the Alligator.

Alligators have a wider nose and darker color than the crocodile does. You can see the upper teeth when the Alligator's jaws are closed. You can see both the upper and lower teeth in a crocodiles mouth.

On average they weigh about 800 pounds and are about 13 feet in length. The largest ever recorded, in Florida, was 17'5" long.

Alligator habitat is in fresh or brackish marshes, bays, rivers, lakes, swamps, and ponds. They are typically shy and non-aggressive but can occasionally be a problem. Alligator diet includes gar fish, turtles, snakes, frogs, small mammals, and birds.

Although their bodies are heavy and their metabolisms are slow, they can generate short bursts of speed exceeding 30 mph.

Size:  2.37" W x 3.13" L x 1.85" Thickness

Price: $35
Item #:  GAT019

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Modern Alligator in Duckweed from Florida.

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