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Common Name: Juvenile Llama Camel Fossil Leg Bone
Genus/Species: Palaeolama mirifica
Age: 1.8 Million - 11,000 Years old
Period: Pleistocene
Formation: Alachua
Location: Dixie County, Florida, USA

This is an fine Fossil Juvenile Camel leg bone or cannon bone. Very nice complete fossil leg bone. Slight bone erosion on the ends, but rock-solid and very mineralized. This leg bone is from an Pleistocene Camel Llama, and is often called the "Stout-Legged Llama". Stunning example of a Pleistocene animal from the Ice Age of Florida. Florida has one of the most abundant assemblages of fossil Camels in the United States. Solid condition with no repairs or restorations. Actual Specimen Pictured & Guaranteed Authentic.

Camels and llamas evolved in North America and these camel llama fossils are very abundant in the fossil record, of Florida. The Camelids were most diverse in the Miocene Period and went extinct in North America by the end of the Pleistocene Period. Of the Camelidae, in Florida, three sub-Families existed: Aepycamelinae (Giraffe-camels), Florida Tragulinae and Camelinae.

The more commonly found prehistoric llama was Palaeolama mirifica, the one most closely related to modern llamas. It was a short, stocky-legged built llama that lived in the open grasslands, in Florida, and fed on grass and leaves of bushes. It was most likely hunted by the Jaguar. The other common llama fossil is the large-headed llama Hemiauchenia macrocephala. This prehistoric animal was a very tall and slender built llama standing 9ft.(3M) in height.

Size: 1.76" W x 9" L x 1.03" Thickness

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Item #: CAM012

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