Carcharocles Auriculatus Shark Tooth

Fossil Shark Tooth for Sale

Carcharocles Auriculatus Shark Tooth Fossil
Prehistoric Shark Tooth Carcharocles Auriculatus Fossil for Sale from earth's ancient seas.
Side view of a Prehistoric Shark Tooth Auriculatus
Florida Auriculatus Shark Tooth
Prehistoric Shark Tooth Auriculatus
Fossil Auriculatus Shark Tooth
Carcharocles Auriculatus Shark Tooth Fossil
Fossil Carcharocles Auriculatus Shark Tooth


Common Name:  Carcharocles Auriculatus Shark Tooth Fossil
Genus/Species:  Carcharocles (Carcharodon) auriculatus
Age: 38 Million Years old
Period: Eocene
Formation: Crystal River
Location: Suwannee County, Florida, USA

What a wonderful naturally sand polished Auriculatus Shark Tooth Fossil.  Fantastic Gold-Brown Enamel with rounded bulging blade, serrations and intact side cusplets.  Beautiful and well defined root.  Classic Auriculatus tooth and the oldest known member of the Carcharocles genus.  The Youngest member and more legendary of this genus, is Carcharocles Megalodon.  This Pre-Megalodon is considered the ancestor of the Megalodon.  These Prehistoric Whale Hunters are a rare tooth to add to your collection.  No repairs or restorations.  Actual specimen pictured & guaranteed authentic.

Size:  2.75" Slant Length (L1)     2.40" Slant Length (L2)

Price: SOLD
Item #: RIC010

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