Cave Lion

Panthera leo spelaea

Prehistoric Lion Skull Cast

The Cave Lion, Panthera Leo spelaea sp., also known as the European "Cave" Lion or Eurasian "Cave" Lion is an extinct cat discovered from fossils and a wide variety of Prehistoric Cave Art. It is one of the largest cats of all time.

Fossil Cave Lion Skeleton

The specimens found were 11.5 feet in length with an estimated male weight of about 700 lbs., which is 25% larger than today's biggest African Lion.

Fossil Cave Lion Skull

It lived from 300,000 to 10,000 years ago, during the Pleistocene Period. These interesting prehistoric cats lived in Europe, not Florida.

Cave Painting of Cave Lions

Cave paintings show that they may have had tiger-like stripes. They hunted large herbivore animals, including primitive horses.

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