Columbian Mammoth Tusk Section

Polished Tusk Section Fossil for Sale


Common Name:  Polished Columbian Mammoth Tusk Section
Genus/Species:  Mammuthus columbi
Age:                     25-2 Million Years old
Period:                 Miocene - Pliocene
Formation:          Hawthorne
Location:             Beaufort County, South Carolina, USA

This is a First-Class polished fossil Mammoth Tusk Ivory Section with bore clam holes. Cut and professionally polished fossil ivory with beautiful deep black to slight gray transition. It shows a stunning crosshatch pattern with incredible detail, which is typical of all ivory pieces. The Bore Clam Holes make it very unusual and are made by these marine invertebrates by using enzymes to bore through rock or fossils. There are no repairs or restorations. Actual Specimen Pictured & Guaranteed Authentic.

The Mammuthus columbi had a height of 14ft (4.3M) and weighed as much as 8 to 10 tons. It was one of the largest prehistoric mammals. It also, had the longest tusks of the ancient elephants, with some measuring over 14ft (5M) in length.

This primitive elephant ranged all over North America and Florida. It and the Imperial Mammoth were the two Mammoths found in Prehistoric Florida.

This Ice Age Elephant had flat teeth with ridges that were designed for grazing on plants and grasses in the grasslands and open savannas. They are closely related to the Asian or Indian Elephant. A dwarf Mammoth may have died as recent as 4 - 3.5 Thousand Years ago on Russia’s Wrangel Island.

Size:  2.8" L x 2.5" W x .75" Thickness

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