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Equus Horse

This Equus fossil horse is from the Equidae family and is part of the Perissodactyls or “odd-toed” ungulates. Equus caballus is the modern horse species, but the Prehistoric Ice Age Horse would have been very similar in looks to the horses of Mongolia, today.

It lives in open grass environments, with teeth well adapted for grinding coarse grasses.

Horse Cave Painting

Equines evolved well, in Florida, in the late, late Miocene and Pliocene Period and radiated out into the Old World Environments.

In Florida, the oldest fossil records of Equus come from the late Pliocene Period, and its direct ancestor is thought to be Dinohippus.

Fossil Equus Tooth
Fossil Equus Tooth
Fossil Equus Tooth

One of the larger groups of horses, in the late Pliocene Period, was Equus simplicidens. In the late Pliocene, several lines developed. At least three species of this horse were represented during the early Pleistocene, and at least two species in the late Pleistocene.

Equus Horse

They went extinct, in Florida and North America, about 11,000 years ago, and were reintroduced, by the Spanish Explores, in the 1500’s.

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