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Common Name:  Giant Beaver Tooth Fossil
Genus/Species:  Castoroides leiseyorum
Age:                     1.5 Million - 11,000 Years old
Period:                Pleistocene
Formation:          Alachua
Location:             Taylor County, Florida, USA

This is a terrific Giant Prehistoric Beaver Tooth Fossil. This notable tooth has nice detail and definition. Fine example of an extinct Pleistocene beaver from the Ice Age of Florida. The tooth has a dark black enamel. Some natural chipping on one side, but no repairs or restorations. Actual Specimen Pictured & Guaranteed Authentic.

It was one of the largest rodents to have ever lived! An extinct genus of Giant Beaver and about the size of a modern Black Bear, it was 6-8 ft. (2.5M) in length, about 3.3 ft. (1M) in height, and weighing in at 450-500 lbs. (218 kg).

It was very similar to modern beavers except that it was much larger with a much narrower tail and shorter back legs. Its front incisors were about 6 inches in length with ridges.

Living from 1.5 Million Years ago and went extinct about 11 Thousand years ago. Found only in North America, it ranged widely in Florida.

Another rarer and Large Prehistoric Beaver, in Florida, is Castoroides leiseyorum. It was named after the famous Leisey Shell Pit deposit in Florida, in which it was discovered.

Size:  .64" W x 1.76" L x .45" Thickness

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