Glyptodont Scute Armor Fossil

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Common Name:  Glyptodont Fossil Scute
Genus/Species:  Glyptotherium
Age:                     2.5 Million - 11,000 Years old
Period:                 Plio-Pleistocene
Location:             Dixie County, Florida, USA

This is a well preserved Scute or Osteoderm Fossil for sale. Fine example of a scute from the Prehistoric Mammal's armored plating or shell. These Ancient type of Armadillo's had thousands of these scutes while alive and where as big as a compact car. This scute is solid and detailed, but has some natural erosion around the margins and back. There is no repairs or restorations on this scute. Actual Specimen Pictured & Guaranteed Authentic. Very solid and heavy duty bone scute, with a outstanding rosette pattern.

Glyptodont (Greek for “grooved or carved tooth”) was a member to the family of giant armadillo.

These Giant Prehistoric Mammals were close to the mass and magnitude of a Volkswagen beetle. It was a plant eater that ate grasses and plants around streams and tributaries. These extinct animals are related to armadillos, anteaters, extinct ground sloths, and tree sloths.

Their shells are made up of over 1000 bone scutes, called osteoderms. Each species has its own individually distinctive scute marking. Its body was protected by this shell which included bony armor on its tail and skull. Many of these Pleistocene fossils can be collected in Florida and are more abundant in the central and southern part of the state.

Scute Size:  1.27" W x 1.86" L x .70" Thickness

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Item #:  GLY011  

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