Harlans Ground Sloth

Paramylodon harlani (Glossotherium harlani)

Harlan's Ground Sloth Skull cast from Florida.

Harlans Ground Sloth or Paramylodon harlani (also known as Glossotherium harlani) was related to the modern tree sloths, but was much larger with a height of 6ft. (1.8M) and weighing 3,500 lbs. (1,600 kilograms).

Harlan's Ground Sloth Claw cast from Florida.

It was a midsized Ground Sloth that had very powerful arms and legs, with large claws. The claws were probably used mostly for digging roots.

They walked on the sides of there back feet.

Paramylodon harlani  Fossil Skeleton.

Its back, shoulders and neck were protected with small pebble-size bony plates embedded in the skin called “dermal ossicles”. A major advantage against predators, these bony plates acted like armor. These dermal ossicles were associated with this type of Ice Age Mammal Ground Sloth.

Fossil Paramylodon Sloth Tooth
Prehistoric Fossil Paramylodon Sloth Tooth
Giant Fossil Paramylodon Sloth Tooth

This Prehistoric Giant lived in open grasslands and is one of the many fossils in Florida. Its teeth suggest a diet of grasses, but also feeding on leaves and tree roots. These extinct mammals had a finely tuned sense of smell, as shown by fossil nasal bones of the animal.

Evolving in South America and migrating through the Isthmus of Panama about 3 Million Years ago to arrive in North America and became one of the Pleistocene Megafauna of Florida.

These Pleistocene animals where covered with a thick, shaggy hair and had a keen sense of smell. They went extinct about 11 Thousand Years ago.

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