Baby Columbian Mammoth Tooth

Juvenile Fossil Tooth for Sale

Baby Mammoth Tooth Fossil
Juvenile Mammoth Tooth Molar Fossil
Fossil Baby Mooth Tooth
Fossil Juvenile Mammoth Tooth Molar
Mammoth Baby Molar Tooth Fossil
Juvenile Mammoth Tooth Fossil Molar
Juvenile Mammoth Tooth Fossil
Baby Mammoth Tooth Molar Fossil
Fossil Juvenile Mammoth Tooth
Mammoth Tooth Baby Molar
Columbia Mammoth Baby Tooth Molar Fossil


Common Name:  Juvenile Mammoth Tooth Fossil Molar
Genus/Species:  Mammuthus columbi
Age: 2.4 Million - 11,000 Years Old
Period: Pleistocene
Formation: Alachua
Location: Pasco County, Florida, USA

This is a Rare Fossil Juvenile Mammoth Molar Tooth Fossil.  There are a few baby Mammoth teeth that can be discovered, but very few this young and well preserved.  This tooth is solid with a nice deep dark brown patina and nearly complete roots.  This is not a juvenile spit tooth; and the animal died at this young age.  You  will see very few, if any, teeth like this available.  Mammoths are more uncommon in Florida, than Mastodon Teeth or Molars.  A great collection piece now and 20 years from now.  There are no repairs or restorations. Actual Specimen Pictured & Guaranteed Authentic.

The Columbian Mammoth had a height of 14ft (4.3M) and weighed as much as 8 to 10 tons. It was one of the largest prehistoric mammals. It also, had the longest tusks of the ancient elephants, with some measuring over 14ft (5M) in length.

This primitive elephant ranged all over North America and Florida. It and the Imperial Mammoth were the two Mammoths found in Prehistoric Florida.

This Ice Age Elephant had flat teeth with ridges that were designed for grazing on plants and grasses in the grasslands and open savannas. They are closely related to the Asian or Indian Elephant. A dwarf Mammoth may have died as recent as 4 - 3.5 Thousand Years ago on Russia’s Wrangel Island.

Size:  .54" W x 1.08" L x .49" Thickness

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