Mosasaur Tooth Molar

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Common Name:  Mosasaur Tooth
Genus/Species:  Globidens aegypticus
Age:                     65-70 Million Years old
Period:                Upper Cretaceous
Formation:          Ganntour Basin Phosphate Deposits
Location:             Khouribga, Morocco

Uncommon Mosasaur Fossil Tooth from a Aquatic Marine Reptile of the ancient Sahara seas. This Globiden Tooth is from the jaws of a shell-crushing Mosasaur. A fantastic complete tooth from the Phosphate Deposits of Morocco. Globidens specialized in eating Mollusks, hard shelled animals, and even small turtles. Globiden means "Globe Tooth" and is a rare marine reptile. It was about 20ft. long, with a body designed for swimming, and had 4 flippers, with a long vertical shaped tail. Killer tooth from one of the true prehistoric sea monsters. Little gem of a collection piece. Actual Specimen Pictured & Guaranteed Authentic.

Size:  1.07" W x .87" H x .79" Thickness

Price: SOLD  
Item #: MOSA010  

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