Peccary Tusk Fossil Tooth Canine

Fossil Tusk for Sale

Peccary Tusk Tooth Fossil
Fossil Peccary Tooth Tusk
Fossil Canine Tusk of a Peccary
Platygonas Tusk Fossil
Root end of Fossil Peccary Tusk Tooth
Extinct Peccary Tusk Tooth Fossil


Common Name:  Peccary Tusk Fossil Canine Tooth
Genus/Species:  Platygonas
Age: 5-26 Million Years Old
Period: Miocene
Formation: Bone Valley
Location: Polk County, Florida, USA

This is an outstanding Fossil Peccary Tusk Canine Tooth from the Bone Valley Area of Florida.  Stunning grey-brown enamel tooth that is heavily mineralized and solid.  Small part of the tip missing, with a little root chipping, other wise a super tooth.  Bone Valley material is hard to come by these days and this tusk tooth is a terrific representation.  There are no repairs or restorations. Actual Specimen Pictured & Guaranteed Authentic.

Size:  .76" W  x  1.95" L  x  .38" Thickness

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Item #: PEC010

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