Miocene Three-Toed Horse Tooth for Sale


Common Name:  Three-Toed Horse Tooth or Molar Fossil
Genus/Species:  Parahippus leonensis
Age:                     18 Million Years old
Period:                 Miocene
Location:             Dixie County, Florida, USA

This is a modest, but rare Fossil Horse upper maxilla partial with 1 tooth or molar. It is from the medium dog-size Horse Parahippus leonensis sp. The Miocene Period in Florida, was a time with the greatest diversity of horses. Commonly preyed a upon by Bear-Dogs and many specimens of this horse have bite marks on them. Nice tooth with a couple of corner edges that have flaked off. Complete roots and dentition, with part of the maxilla fossil bone. Solid example of Parahippus leonensis with no repairs. Nice rare collection piece. Actual Specimen Pictured & Guaranteed Authentic.

Size:  .97" H x 1.31" L x 1.16" W

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Item #:  PH011  

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