Prehistoric Mammals - Part 2

Florida has many Prehistoric Mammals that are from the Quaternary. It has one of the most abundant fossil treasures in the country.

The fossil vertebrates of Florida are unique and have a extensive prehistoric history here.

Basilosaurus Skull Reproduction


Bison Latifrons Skull

Bison Latifrons

Camel & Llama Fossils

Camel Llama Fossils

Dasypus bellus Armadillo

Dasypus bellus Armadillo

Eremotherium Sloth Skeleton

Eremotherium Sloth

Jefferson's Ground Sloth, Megalonyx jeffersoni sp.

Jefferson's Ground Sloth



Giant Short-Faced Bear

Giant Short-Faced Bear

Fossil White Tailed Deer

White-Tailed Deer Fossils

Mammal Fossils for Sale

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Peccary Tooth Fossil Molar for Sale

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Raptor Tooth for Sale

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