Prehistoric Mammals - Part 1

What Prehistoric Mammals and Modern Mammals all have in common are that they are all warm-blooded with backbones and have fur or hair, and nourish their offspring with milk. They produce their own internal body heat which gives them the ability to move quickly at any given time. We are Mammals!

The first mammals appeared about 215-195 Million Years ago, during the Age of the Dinosaurs. It was only after the Dinosaurs went extinct 65 Million Years ago that mammals rose to dominance and began what is called the Age of Mammals or the Cenozoic Era.

Mammals diversified to countless niches all over the world and left us an incredible Prehistoric History that can be found in the fossil record today. Many impressive large mammals went extinct in the last Ice Age or Pleistocene Period, about 11 thousand years ago.

American Lion Skeleton

American Lion

Saber-Toothed Cat Skeleton

Saber-Toothed Cats

Cave Lion Skull Fossil

Cave Lion

Scimitar Cat Skull Reproduction

Scimitar Cat

Columbian Mammoth Sculpture

Columbian Mammoth



Mastodon Skeleton Reproduction


Woolly Mammoth Painting

Woolly Mammoth

Giant Armadillo Skeleton Fossil

Giant Armadillo

Glyptodont Skeleton Fossil


Dire Wolf

Dire Wolf

Fossil Tapir

Fossil Tapir

Harlan's Ground Sloth Skull Reproduction

Harlan's Ground Sloth

Miocene Rhino Skull Reproduction

Miocene Rhino

Giant Beaver Skeleton Fossil

Giant Beaver

Giant Capybara

Giant Capybara



Fossil Manatee

Fossil Manatee

Woolly Rhino

Woolly Rhino

Mammal Fossils for Sale

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Fossil Wolf Tooth Premolar for Sale

Wolf Premolar Tooth

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