Dinosaur Raptor Fossil Toe Bone

Dinosaur Fossil for Sale

Dinosaur Raptor Fossil Toe Bone from South Dakota
Fossil Raptor Toe Bone
End of Raptor Toe Bone Fossil
Raptor Toe Bone Fossil
Toe Bone Raptor Fossil
Raptor Toe Digit from a Dinosaur
Dinosaur Raptor Toe Bone Fossil Digit
Rare Fossil Raptor Toe Bone


Common Name:  Dinosaur Raptor Fossil Toe Bone
Genus/Species:  Dromaeosaur
Age: 66 Million Years Old
Period: Late Cretaceous
Formation: Hell Creek
Location: Harding County, South Dakota, USA

This is a modest Fossil Dinosaur Raptor Toe Bone from the Hell Creek Formation of South Dakota.  Nice complete Fossil Toe Digit, with a average amount of weathering.  The weathering is towards the back end of the bone.  Raptor material is not common to find.   This Fossil Raptor Toe Bone is from the bird-like Theropod Dromaeosaur.  Some Dromaeosuars are feathered, and it maybe that all are.  They usually are a pack hunting predator.  Dromaeosauridae means "running lizards'.  There are no repairs or restorations. Actual Specimen Pictured & Guaranteed Authentic.

Size:  .26" W  x  .83" L  x  .28" Thickness

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Item #: RAP011

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