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Dinosaur Raptor Fossil Tooth
Fossil Raptor Tooth
Raptor Tooth Fossil
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End of Raptor Fossil Tooth
Real Raptor Tooth from a Dinosaur
Rare Fossil Raptor Tooth
Dinosaur Raptor Tooth Fossil from Morocco.


Common Name:  Dinosaur Raptor Tooth Fossil
Genus/Species:  Dromaeosaur
Age: 90-66 Million Years Old
Period: Late Cretaceous
Formation: Tegana
Location: Kem Kem Beds, Morocco

This is a terrific Fossil Dinosaur Raptor Dromaeosaur Tooth from the Tegana Formation of Morocco.  Nice complete Raptor Dinosaur Fossil Tooth, with great patina and color.  Raptor material is not common to find.   This Fossil Tooth of a Raptor is from the bird-like Theropod Dromaeosaur.  Some Dromaeosuars are feathered, and it maybe that all are.  They usually are a pack hunting predator.  Dromaeosauridae means "running lizards'.  Actual Specimen Pictured & Guaranteed Authentic.  This is a Real Raptor Fossil Tooth from the Northern Sahara Desert.

The Raptor Dinosaur was a Theropod Dinosaur that was extremely fast, agile and was built like a bird. They were part of the Dromaeosauridae Family meaning “running lizards”. Their size was medium to small and it ranged from a few feet to 20 feet (6M) long.

They were from the Cretaceous Period about 110-66 Million Years ago and lived on most continents.

Many Raptor teeth come from the Kem Kem Basin, in Morocco, in North Africa. These predatory teeth are serrated on both edges of the tooth.

These dinosaur predators had forward looking eyes for hunting, three long fingers on each of their large hands, and a sickle-like claw on the second toe of its foot.

They may have hunted in packs, running down other dinosaurs several times larger than themselves. Their rigid tails balanced out their weight and gave them the ability to change direction rapidly. These prehistoric animals could have reached speeds of 40 mph (60m/h) in short distances.

They have made their fame known through the movie Jurassic Park, were Velociraptor was one of the many stars.

Size:  .50" W  x  1.18" L  x  .32" Thickness

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