Ice Age Giant Ground Sloth Tooth Molar

Fossil Sloth Molar Tooth for Sale


Common Name:  Fossil Giant Ground Sloth Molar Tooth
Genus/Species:  Paramylodon harlani
Age:                     1.8 Million - 11,000 Years old
Period:                Pleistocene
Formation:          Alachua
Location:             Taylor County, Florida, USA

This is a Prehistoric Ice Age Giant Ground Sloth Tooth Molar. The tooth is dark reddish-brown in color with a natural gloss. This is a fine tooth with a terrific chewing surface. Some wear with bottom part of tooth worn down. Classic Paramylodon tooth molar. Actual Specimen Pictured & Guaranteed Authentic. This is a fine example of an Extinct Mammal and part of the Pleistocene Megafauna of Florida.

Size:  1.04" W x 1.84" L x .80" Thickness

Price:      SOLD  
Item #:  SLOTH010  

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