Snake Vertebrae Fossil

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Fossil Snake Vertebrae
Fossil Snake Vertebrae from Florida
Snake Vertebrae Fossil for Sale of a prehistoric reptile from Florida
Vertebraes from a Fossil Snake
Fossil Snake Vertebrae specimens
Pair of Snake Vertebrae Fossil for Sale of a prehistoric reptile from Florida
A set of Fossil Snake Vertebrae


Common Name:  2 Snake Vertebrae Fossils
Genus/Species:  undetermined
Age: 2.4 Million - 11,000 Years Old
Period: Pleistocene
Formation: Alachua
Location: Taylor County, Florida, USA

These are a super set of Vertebrae Fossils. This is a good solid pair with great patina and fine detail.  No repairs or restorations.  Actual Specimen Pictured & Guaranteed Authentic. These are fine examples of a prehistoric reptile from Florida.

There are many Fossil Snakes in Florida. The word snake comes from the word form meaning “to crawl”. They are closely related to lizards and are cold-blooded, but without legs. Unlike most lizards that have movable eyelids and tiny external ears, snakes have no external ears and have clear fixed scales to protect their eyes.

Evolving from lizard-like creatures, the fossil evidence for snakes is weak. Some fossil evidence suggests that they evolved directly from a burrowing lizard. Losing its two legs it became streamlined for burrowing.

They live in almost all habitats and most are harmless to humans. Three families have evolved venom and have hollow teeth, called fangs, that can deliver venom in a bite.

They are all carnivores, eating small rodents and mammals, along with other snakes and lizards, plus insects, birds and eggs. They swallow their food whole and have a very flexible lower jaw.

They have a smooth, dry skin covered in scales. The specialized scales, on their bellies, help them grip surfaces for locomotion.

The largest of these modern reptiles may be the Anaconda of South America, reaching lengths of 33ft (10M) and weighing up to 550lbs. (250kg).

Many fossil vertebrae of snakes can be found in Florida creeks and rivers and a number of them are Rattlesnakes.
If you want to see a real Monster Fossil Snake Vertebrae found in Columbia, CLICK HERE.

Vert. 1 Size:  .71" W  x  .83" L  x  .56" Thickness
Vert. 2 Size:  .71" W  x  .99" L  x  .50" Thickness

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Item #: SN012

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