Three Toed Horse Teeth Fossils

Prehistoric Horse Teeth for Sale

Set of unerupted Prehistoric Horse Molars
Fossil Horse Teeth
Prehistoric Fossil Horse Teeth
Side view of Fossil Horse Teeth
Set of unerupted Prehistoric Horse Molars
Fossil Parahippus Horse Molar Teeth
Fossil Parahippus Horse Molar Teeth
Fossil Parahippus Horse Teeth


Common Name:  Three Toed Horse Teeth
Genus/Species:  Parahippus leonensis
Age: 18-19 Million Years Old
Period: Miocene
Location: Dixie County, Florida, USA

These are first class and rare Prehistoric Horse Teeth or Upper Molar Fossils.  These Teeth are unerupted and have not developed roots yet.  They are from the medium dog-size Horse "Parahippus leonensis" species The Miocene Period in Florida, was a time with the greatest diversity of horses.  Commonly preyed upon by Bear-Dogs,  many fossil specimens of this horse have bite marks on them.  Super set of unerupted teeth.  Detailed example of a Parahippus leonensis upper teeth with no repairs.  Exceptional rare collection pieces. Actual Specimen Pictured & Guaranteed Authentic.

Parahippus leonensis species was an extinct Prehistoric Horse that was about the size of a medium dog and a relative of the modern horse. Estimated to have had an average lifespan of 9 years and weighing in at 160lbs. (72.5kg). It dates back 18 Million Years ago (Middle Hemingfordian) and is from the early Miocene of Florida.

Parahippus means “side horse”. They have three toes and the side toes are less prominent. It is one of the many Miocene land mammals of Florida and was common food for the Bear-Dog carnivores.

This primitive horse had medium height teeth, was a low-crowned browser, and ate a wide range of grasses and leaves.

Parahippus leonensis is the most commonly found horse fossil at the Thomas Farm Miocene site, in Florida, and may be the missing link between the old Forest-dwelling horses and the modern plains-dwelling horses.

3 Toed horses go extinct about 2.1 Million Years ago.

Size 1:  .69" W  x  .77" L  x  .53" Thickness

Size 2:  .78" W  x  .70" L  x  .49" Thickness

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Item #:  PH017

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