Triceratops Fossil Nasal Horn Core

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Triceratops Fossil Nasal Horn Core from a Juvenile Dinosaur
Fossil Triceratops Horn
Juvenile Fossil Triceratops Horn
Dinosaur Horn from a Triceratops
Bottom end of a Triceratops Horn Core
Fossil Horn Nasal Core from a Triceratops Dinosaur
Fossil Nose Horn Core from a Juvenile Triceratops
Real Dinosaur Horn from a baby Triceratops
Nasal Horn Core Fossil from a Juvenile Triceratops


Common Name:  Juvenile Triceratops Fossil Nasal Horn Core
Genus/Species:  Triceratops
Age: 66 Million Years Old
Period: Late Cretaceous
Formation: Hell Creek
Location: Boman County, North Dakota, USA

This is an outstanding rare Sub-adult Triceratops Dinosaur Fossil Nose Horn Core from the Hell Creek Formation of North Dakota.  This rock-hard Fossil Nose Horn from a very famous and bizarre animal - "Triceratops",  is a highly coveted fossil.  One can see the groves and channels in the nose bone that carried the blood vessels to the horn sheath.   At the end of the horn core you can see two different vascular hole sets.  The Triceratops are part of the Ceratopsian Group of herbivores, in which there are many different types of these frilled and horned dinosaurs.  There are no repairs or restorations.  It has been treated with a light (P.V.A.) hardener to preserve the bone.   Actual Specimen Pictured & Guaranteed Authentic.

Size:  2.41" W  x  2.86" L  x  2" Thickness

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