Black Drum Fossils

Pogonias cromis

Modern Drum Pallet

The Black Drum had a short deep body with a high arched back, but a flattish belly. The jaw teeth were small and pointed, but the throat was armed with large, flat, pavement-like teeth with which the drum crushed shellfish, for food. This characteristic separates it from the weakfish and the king fish.

Black Drum Upper and Lower Pallets

Their color is silvery with a brassy luster. The fins are blackish. The Drum occurs in two color phases; a gray and red.

The Drums grew to a huge size. The largest one caught was in Florida and it weighted 146 pounds. Typically they run somewhere between 20 to 40 pounds, but can get up to 60 pounds.

They can be found in the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico coasts of America.

Fossil Drum Teeth

Fossil teeth from the Drum Fish can be found on many Florida Beaches that produce Miocene deposited material, on its shores. Other fossil fish teeth have also been discovered in Florida fossil deposits and include Red Drum, Star Drum, Sea trout, Spot and Silver Perch.

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